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Jennifer Brook
Artist and Crafter

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Jennifer Brook currently resides in Ottawa, Canada.

With two grandparents who were artists, having an interest in art was practically in her blood. Jennifer always had an interest in art as well as crafts. After living in Colorado Springs for 7-8 years, she returned to Ottawa and attended the Ottawa School of Art's Pre-Animation program they were running at the time. From there she got into Algonquin College's Animation Program and graduated in 2004.

Animation hasn't become an actual part of her life, but it could always happen in the future. She largely is concentrating on various types of commission work and is found at several conventions Artist Alley's around Ontario, such as Anime North.

She always has had a fondness for Disney, but Japanese animation has also become an enjoyment over the past years, along with numerous video games, especially those of Nippon Ichi. When she isn't found drawing, she'll often be found holding knitting needles, pliers or in front of the sewing machine.