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Jennifer Brook
Artist and Crafter

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I have a wide range of skills in real media from sketches to ink, prismacolored pencil to full marker pieces and even watercolour, and often mix media. In the digital realm, much of my work is done in Open Canvas and Photoshop.

There isn't much I won't at least attempt to draw, but there are some things I will not: Anything above a PG-13 nature. Objects expected to have high detail. (Realistic cars or fancy mechas I just don't have the patience or skills for! Sorry!) Highly complex backgrounds. (I didn't like layout in animation for a reason. lol)

My pricing ranges between $10-15 for sketches, upwards of $30-50 for full colour. Full scenes, fully coloured, would range above $50. It really depends what exactly one is looking for and the complexity. For more specific pricing please see my commission post on Tumblr!

Chainmail Jewelry:

I largely work with bright and anodized aluminum rings. It's light, mostly allergy-free and gentle on my hands to work with. Also some stainless steel and copper. At request, however, I can order other metals, such as: copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel, sterling silver, goldfill, niobium and even titanium! Most of my aluminum jewelry ranges from $6-$40, largely depending on complexity. Contact me if you're interested in a customized piece!


Recently I've been creating hair decorations based on Japanese Tsumami Kanzashi. Using satin, cotton and a hot glue gun, they're not exactly authentic, but do look pretty, if I do say so myself. I also knit and crochet, as well as create costumes and accessories. I'm open to inquires, essentially, if you're looking for something to be made that's anything like I've made before.